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"Who Shot Ya" is the fourteenth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on February 24, 2020.[1]


A VILLAGESpencer is worried Coop isn’t taking everything seriously and asks Layla for her help. Olivia questions whether she did the right thing by going to Billy about Asher, leaving Billy to have to make a tough choice in order to protect his team. Coop is feeling smothered by everyone and makes a tough decision about her potential future. Meanwhile, Laura knows Jordan has a big heart but is concerned about his relationship with Simone.[1]


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Guest Starring


  • Daryl C. Brown as Pastor Weeks
  • Travis LaBranch as DJ
  • Bart Tangredi as Desk Seargent



Title Artist Scene
"Afterglow" Raphael Lake, Ben Fisher & Royal Baggs Layla tries to keep Spencer from freaking out about Coop's lack of communication.
"La La Like It" Lena Dov Spencer and Chris toss around a football at the park.
"I'm Still Here" Bre-Z Coop walks through the Taste of Crenshaw festival and sees everyone staring at her.
"Keep Movin'" Ms. Toi Ruth drops by some cakes at a Taste of Crenshaw booth.
"Sidelines" Gold Man & Me.Kai Olivia freaks out and dives to the floor when she hears a loud bang at the Slauson Cafe, then Chris asks if she's okay.
"Shock The World" Low Key Billionaires Layla assures Spencer he'll get back on the field; Spencer asks Kia who she thinks killed Tyrone.
"A Million Bucks" Tamara Bubble Coop negotiates with Darnell at her booth; Spencer confronts Coop with a video that's been released as evidence of Tyrone's shooter.
"This Will Be the Day" Lady Bri Patience finds Coop searching her room for her gun, then admits to dumping the gun in the river.
"Out Here" Boundary Run Spencer promises Coop to never stop fighting for her.
"We'll All Be Alright" Amy Stroup Jordan takes a break from working out to text Simone, Simone sits alone in a hotel room and erases her text response to Jordan; Coop's friends gather to support her as she goes to turn herself in.
"Running" Emily King Ruth tells Coop she couldn't let her take the fall for her crime; Spencer and Coop watch as Ruth is taken away by an officer.