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"They Reminisce Over You" is the fourth episode of second season of All AmericanIt premiered on October 28, 2019.


THE GOOD OLE DAYS – When Spencer tries to talk to Layla about what is going on, things don’t work out quite as he hoped. It’s Billy, Corey and Grace’s 25th high school reunion which brings up a lot of memories and unfinished business. Laura becomes upset when she discovers Jordan has found a way around being grounded. Meanwhile, Asher turns to Olivia for support when someone from his past wants to see him.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Akanimo Eyo as High School Billy
  • Shaun Fury as High School Corey
  • Stephen Kankole as Young Billy
  • Amari O'Neill as Young Corey
  • Christina Webber as Billy's Mom
  • Michael Wayne Williams as Young Spencer
  • Shanna Strong as Cara



Title Artist Scene
"I Come Off" Young MC 1987 - Billy's mom cheers him on at a football game; a young Corey introduces himself to Billy.
"Party Over Here" BSO Dance Academy Micah and Grace awkwardly chat about reunions.
"Whose Party Is This" Steven Bolar, Godswill Oluebube Anozie Grace asks Corey when he arrived, then Denise takes the stage.
"On Bended Knee" Boyz II Men Corey cuts in on Grace on Micah's dance.
"Keep You Safe" Lindsey Ray Gwen tells Harold to tell Asher the truth about her, if he wants to hurt Asher; Layla cries while cleaning up her room; Dylan joins Spencer on their front step, as Corey watches them from across the street; Corey leaves town.