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"The Choice Is Yours" is the sixth episode of the first season of All American. It premiered on November 28, 2018.


REVELATIONS - The return of Layla's music mogul father gives Spencer the perfect opportunity to give back to Crenshaw and reunite with an increasingly distant Coop. But Coop's deepening affiliation with Shawn's gang threatens Spencer's good intentions. Billy, Jordan and Asher take a journey to Malibu to scout their next big rival as tensions simmer between Jordan and Asher.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Chelseas Royce Tavares as Patience
  • Bill Lee Brown as Alvin Washington
  • Javier Bolanos as Delgado
  • Mica'h Dumas as Kid


  • This is the first episode where Grace James and Laura Baker don't appear as well as first episode with more than one missing main cast member.



Title Artist Scene
"Then I Rise Up" Dylan Berry & Noah Lifschey Jordan anger towards Asher leads to problems on the field.
"Cut Loose" The High Decibels Spencer receives a text from Coop apologizingfor missing the game; Asher has dinner with Layla and her father.
"Loyalty" (feat. Kidd Marley) Classik Spencer takes the bus back to Crewshaw and meets up with Coop.
"Movement" Ross Rebel Baker Alvin asks Coop to keep an eye on the shop, while he goes to set up for the block party.
"Worship" Lizzo Olivia helps hand out water at the block party; Layla asks Spencer if he's getting any bad vibes from China; Chris introduces himself to Olivia.
"Ain’t the Problem You Want" Dumi Maraire, Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy Shawn asks JP for a photo with him; Layla suggests an opening song for China; China's confusion about Alvin raises Layla's suspicions.
"My Radar" Ollie Gabriel Shawn tells Coop he got JP's card, then tells Coop he plans to move his money from Alvin's; Layla confronts Chyna about misrepresenting her Crenshaw background.
"What Is Love" Jaymes Young Layla watches her father drive off after then clear the air; Spencer asks Layla how things went with her father; Olivia sees Spencer and Layla kissing.