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"The Art of Peer Pressure" is the thirteenth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on February 17, 2020.[1]


SPEAKING UPSpencer is ready to get back to football in order to impress recruiters, but he must prove to Billy and Grace he is not pushing himself before he is ready. Layla is excited about her and Coop’s music, but Coop is distracted about what is going on in the streets. Olivia struggles in believing Asher and turns to Billy for help. Jordan does the right thing and steps up in a big way to help a friend. Meanwhile, as the District Attorney’s race is almost over, Laura tries not to get sidetracked by her opponents smear campaign.[1]


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Guest Starring


  • Thomas Q. Jones as Barry Lemming
  • Guido Cocomello as Gang Unit Detective
  • Liberte Chan as Newscaster
  • Torrance Jordan as Trainer
  • Rachael Markarian as Dr. Neema Fiskell
  • Merrick McCartha as Robert Hicks
  • Lavel J. Morton Sr. as Kwon
  • Taja V. Simpson as Tina Hicks
  • Noah Taliferro Spaulding as Bo Lemming
  • Darin Toonder as Paul Kendall



Title Artist Scene
"Softly" Clairo Asher surprises Olivia with a romantic date, then she break off their kiss to ask if he's using steroids.
"Bounce Back" The Seige Billy tests Spencer's abilities on the field.
"Undisputed" Chaptabois Grace, Dorian and Dillon cheer as Spencer prepares to play.
"Changeless" Mad Rapture Simone tells Jordan she's staying with her decision, then he offers her a different option.
"Goodbye" Tamara Bubble Patience wipes Coop's gun clean, then drops it in the river.