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"Who Shot Ya" is the fifteenth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on March 2, 2020.[1]


GOING AFTER WHAT YOU WANTSpencer goes against Billy’s wish and goes around him to get what he wants. Olivia and Asher are both guilt ridden for different reasons when it comes to Billy and the position he now finds himself in. Layla continues to help Coop with her music which helps Coop receive an offer that she wasn’t expecting. Meanwhile, Jordan does something to try and make things easier for Simone.[1]


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Guest Starring


  • Joseph Boyd as Blake
  • Spencer Paysinger as Assistant Coach Davis
  • Brittany Perry-Russell as Choreographer
  • Darin Rossi as Referee
  • Taja V. Simpson as Tina Hicks



Title Artist Scene
"Can't Keep Me Down" Nick Jordan Coach Wilson stops by Spencer's workplace to tell him that the school is still considering him for their program.
"OTG (Outta Town Girls)" Didda Joe While they're having dinner at Slauson Cafe, Coop and Patience discuss the future of their relationship, then Coop surprises Patience with a song she wrote for her.
"Cali Crush" Vance Westlake & Joe Turner Olivia meets Asher at the cafe, then he gifts her with a replacement of her reward that got broken.
"Knockout" Yung Gravy At Layla's party, she and Spencer chat about how she's doing, Jordan and JJ talk about the lack of unity with their team.
"BLACKJACK" (Remix) Aminé Coop and Patience arrive at the party.
"Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" Kid 'N Play Patience and Coop dance around and sing along to the stereo; JP compliments Layla on her party.
"Higher" BHAVIOR JP offers Coop a record deal.
"Sound the Alarm" Philip Jacobs, Bernard Perry II & John Pregler The Jamboree starts; the Wildcats are declared the winner thanks to a foul.
"Larger Than Life" Vo Williams, King Kairo Montage of Beverly playing various teams in the Jamboree, cut with Coach Baker giving the team a pep talk.
"How to Help" Harrison Storm Jordan meets with Simone's mother; Olivia has a flashback to the shooting while putting away her award; Spencer thanks Coach Baker for his support.