"Speak Ya Clout" is the second episode of second season of All American. It premiered on October 14, 2019.


EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY – With Spencer torn about where to play football, he is taken aback to learn who his Dad has added to the team. Jordan faces repercussions for not taking his upcoming football game seriously. Layla gets mad at Spencer after Olivia let it slip about his football plans. Meanwhile, Coop has found her voice again through music, which may bridge the gap between her and her mom.[2]


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Title Artist Scene
"Glitter Pen" Shane Stefon Coop asks Spencer why he's so upset about Corey's new quarterback.
"For Whatever" Naomi August Patience complains to Coop about her not standing up to her mom about their relationship.
"Game Time" Vega Heartbreak Panthers vs Eagles.
"Off Day" Jung Youth The game ends with the Eagles badly losing, as Billy watches from the stands.
"Set in Motion" Goldwash Layla admits to Spencer that she lied about her father returning to town.



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