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Shawn Scott was a Character in All American.

Shawn’s a kid who grew up with Spencer and Coop. His older brother, Brandon, was part of a gang, and trained Shawn at a very young age to do little things like steal things for him. When they were little, Shawn, Spencer and Coop were very close and hung out all the time.

While he is about 15 years old Shawn’s older brother is murdered by a gang member. Shawn then gets closer to Tyrone Morris who takes advantage of the sadness of the teenager to enlist him in his gang by promising to avenge his brother.

At about the same time, Shawn became the father of Maya, whose mother fled shortly after the birth of her daughter, leaving Shawn to take care of her on his own. However, he continues to go to class but starts selling drugs in order to have money to take care of his daughter.

Spencer and especially Coop manage to make Shawn understand that another life for him is possible, he decides then to leave Crenshaw to settle at his cousin in Louisiana with Maya. He announces it to Tyrone. But a few minutes later, Shawn gets shot and dies of his injuries leaving his entourage in distress.

After Shawn’s death, Spencer goes through a difficult time, feeling that he did not do what was necessary to help his childhood friend. Tyrone then confessed to him that Shawn was not angry with him, on the contrary, he forbade anyone to do harm to Spencer or to attract him into drug affairs because he felt that Spencer was going to do great things.