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"Ready or Not" is the fourteenth episode of the third season of All American. It first aired on June 14, 2021 to 0.79 million viewers.


SACRIFICES FOR FRIENDS - When Spencer's quarterback must miss the game against Westlake, Spencer puts extra pressure on himself and his young teammates because of what is at stake. Billy and Jordan grow worried when Willie doesn't show up to the game as promised and Billy learns something about Willie he wasn't expecting. Laura must deal with a new wrinkle at work that involves Olivia leaving Laura with a tough decision. Meanwhile, Spencer takes a walk down memory lane as Coop's 18th birthday nears and Layla and Preach clash over how to celebrate Coop.[2]



Guest Starring


  • Airyss Celestine as Young Coop
  • Jonny Berryman as Young Shawn
  • Ken Ivy as Cash
  • David Jahn as Burt Plummer
  • Spencer Paysinger as Assistant Coach Davis
  • Tatum Shank as AG Dan Hollins
  • Michael Wayne Williams as Young Spencer


  • This episode's title originated from the song "Ready or Not", originally sung by numerous artists.
  • This episode marks the return of Patience after being absent since Roll the Dice due to Chelsea Tavares going on maternity leave.



Title Artist Scene
"Ain't Got No Tomorrow" Extreme Music
"I Want It All" Kolik
"Walking On A Cloud" Gorgeous George
"Hall Of Fame" APM
"Go" Hill Harris
"The Golden Rule" APM
"Deliver ASAP" Brit Fox X Luke Aymon
"Sweet Side" New Perspectives
"Adrenaline" Megatrax
"Toothbrush" The Belief Cycle
"If You've Got A Problem" Joy Oladokun