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"Protect Ya Neck" is the tenth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on January 27, 2020.


INSIDE THE BUBBLE - With Tyrone back on the streets, Spencer is being a little overly protective of Coop and Laura and finds himself in uncharted territory. Olivia is nervous about her upcoming SoLA Muse Cotillion and tries to lean on Asher, but he seems more focused on football than ever. Coop and Patience are trying to get back into a rhythm, but things get worse when Coop’s jealous streak comes out. Meanwhile, Jordan alerts Billy about what he sees on social media that makes Billy worry a little.[1]


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Guest Starring


  • Nicole Pulliam as Loretta



Title Artist Scene
"Alive" Beasts With No Name Olivia starts recording her podcast about prejudice against African Americans.
"Nuthin' But Trophies" Ryan Franks & Scott Nickoley
"Beautiful Interlude" Loners Club Coop complains about Spencer following her around, then he mentions his concerns about Tyrone.
"Go Diego" Big Lac Spencer tells Tyrone he can either forget about Coop and Mrs. Baker or he'll end up with the whole hood turned against him.
"Variations In Nature" Joseph Aldenzee The cotillion couples are announced and walk down the staircase.
"Shaker" Black Violin The couples perform their dance at the cotillion.
"You Don't Love Me (No No No)" Dawn Penn Everyone dances at the cotillion; Luna interrupts Coop and Patience's conversation.
"Simmer" (feat. Burna Boy) Mahalia Jordan joins Layla at their table, assures her that Spencer and Kia are just friends, then gets her on the dance floor with Spencer; Olivia suggests Coop investigate Luna's Instagram profile.
"Road Tripping with You" Simon Brown Coop's mom assures her she can work things out with Patience, then Spencer gives her the same reassurance.
"Dreamer" Black Violin Asher continues working out at the gym; Spencer tells Olivia he's proud of her.