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"Only Time Will Tell" is the twelfth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on February 10, 2020.[2]


DETERMINATIONBilly and Grace are concerned that Spencer is going to push himself too hard before he is ready, which could make things worse for Spencer in the long run. Determined to secure their football future, Spencer, Darnell and Jordan decide to go on a college football visit, but Darnell’s chance might be taken away by someone close to him. Asher’s teammates and Olivia have been noticing a difference in Asher’s performance and attitude on and off the field, leaving them to wonder why he is pushing himself so hard. Meanwhile, Layla thinks she knows what she wants to do with her future and needs Coop to do it.[2]


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Guest Starring

Special Appearance by

  • Chip Kelly as Himself


  • Brian Maierhofer as Troy
  • Rob Norton as Dr. Shaw
  • Larry VanBuren Jr. as Rakeem



Title Artist Scene
"This Is My House" (feat. WOLVES) Kairo Football practice.
"Shine on You" Caino Olivia talks about seeing the school counsellor, then Layla compliments her on her podcast.
"Little Piece of Nothing" Dave Thomas Junior Spencer tells Olivia his concerns about possibly not being able to play football again.
"It Isn't Easy" David Francisco Coop drops by the cafe where Spencer is working, the he comments on her lack of communication.
"Fire It Up" Outasight JJ takes the guys to a frat party.
"Big Drip" We Are The Good Spencer asks Asher if he's taking steroids.
"Real Love" Alec Ferris Patience asks Coop if they can be friends, then Coop asks her how it is working with JP.
"Heart of a Lion" Mama Haze Renee tells Darnell she wants a do-over with him, but she's willing to let him stay in Crenshaw; Gwen tells Olivia that she thinks Asher is using steroids; Renee drops by to say goodbye to Grace.