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"Never No More" is the third episode of second season of All American. It premiered on October 21, 2019.


BENEATH THE SURFACE – Spencer gives his dad an ultimatum about his new player, but after talking to Jordan, Spencer has a better understanding of what is really bothering him. After Coop shows off her rapping skills at school, she becomes more confident in her ability and decides to enter a freestyle battle. Olivia reluctantly joins the So Cal Muse group with Laura’s encouragement, but Olivia learns that this might help create her own identity. Meanwhile, Layla is still not acting like herself, and Spencer grows concerned after what he sees.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Aj Carr as Erik Dole
  • Tia P. as Kim Nitty
  • Nicole Pulliam as Loretta



Title Artist Scene
"Move the Chains" Beau Young Prince Football practice at Beverly Hills and South Crenshaw.
"Good Life" Chief Wakil Layla joins Spencer at this school locker.
"Tyrant" (feat. Jorja Smith) Kali Uchis Layla pulls Spencer into an empty classroom, where they kiss.
"Money Float" (feat. Cuzo Stallone & T. Kelley) Balance Coop and Patience arrive at the rap battle.
"Tomahwak (Back to My Ways)" [Vocal Remix] Tre Wright Layla decides to contribute to the rap battle reward.
"From the West Coast" Gripsta Coop makes a proposal to Preach to work together to sell her music.
"Anxious" Sarah Reeves Spencer tells Layla he's planning to stay at Beverly, then expresses concern about her, which results in Layla driving off to be alone.