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"Lose Yourself" is the fourth episode of the first season of All American. It premiered on November 7, 2018.


THE POWER OF PERSUASION - While riding the exhilarating wave of a three-game winning streak, Spencer becomes seduced by the Beverly Hills good life leading to an unexpected adventure with Asher. Meanwhile, Coop is also being seduced by a new way of life - gang life - and everything it offers her.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Emily Levine as Lucy
  • Bill Lee Brown as Alvin Washington
  • Sean Baker as Big J
  • Kyle Kittredge as Derrick
  • Randy Vasquez as Jim Nelson
  • Chase Kim as Wallace
  • Scott Benzing as Party Dude
  • Jeff Grace as Parker
  • Kimberly Cheng as Reporter 1


  • This is the first episode to not feature Jalyn Hall as Dillon James as well as the first to not feature a main cast member.



Title Artist Scene
"Long Live The King" Ben Caver The team finally starts working together and winning games.
"The One" Ako Layla complains about the guys' constant game talk; Olivia and Spencer discuss now fitting in with the others, then he tries to talk her into hanging out.
"How I'm Feeling" VALENTE Shawn tosses Coop a duffel bag of money he picked up at a laundromat.
"Unsure" Chloe Gilligan As they hangout by the pool, Layla invites Olivia to Asher's party and suggests she bring Spencer.
"She Said" Haji Springer, Ida Flo Olivia and Spencer arrive at Asher's party; Layla suggests Olivia tell Spencer how she feels about him.
"Capitalist Manifesto" Whyte Boy JJ talks Spencer into checking out Asher's father's Porsche.
"Lets Ride" Ground Up Olivia tells Spencer about the poker game, then she warns him away from the dare chips; Asher talks Spencer into joining the game.
"Blue Faces" Theolodge Shawn takes Coop to the barbershop, where she's offered a job cutting hair.
"Roll With It" Alex Theodore Bradley, Ty Noam Frankel, Gerald Pizzarelli Layla wins a round of poker and challenges him to go skinny dipping with Olivia.
"Animebae" Manus Olivia tells Spencer to turn around while she strips off her clothes, then Spencer joins her in the hot tub for their skinny dipping dare.
"Get Cha Dance On" Jacob Quetant Asher puts in a Dare Chip and JJ demands a spin in his father's Porsche.
"Good News" Efajemue Etoroma Jr Laura thanks her guests for coming and supporting her run for D.
"Feel My Love" Franck Sarkissian
Body Bounce THEUNDER JJ and Asher return with the Porsche, then Layla suggests the game is getting out of hand.
"Living My Life" Balance Spencer and Asher take his father's car to a garage in Crenshaw.
"How Do You Feel Now" The Cheeksters Spencer goes to the barbershop to talk to Coop about the missing Porsche, then she tells him to talk to Shawn.
"Right Here" Mr J Shawn forces Spencer to admit that he needs his help.
"You Know I Got It" Steven Bolar Spencer and Asher return the Porsche.
"Giants" (feat. Ruelle) Silverberg Spencer applies for a job at a cafe; Coop cleans up at the barbershop as Shawn comes in to collect a pile of money; Olivia pretends to be her mother to call the bank about her father's Crenshaw payments.