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"Life Goes On" is the eighth episode of second season of All American. It premiered on December 2, 2019.


DECISIONS – With everything going on Spencer can’t get excited about his football ranking and gets some guidance from Layla, who in turn realizes it might not be the best advice for anyone, including her. Jordan gets some more news he wasn’t expecting, and Laura makes a decision about where she and Billy stand. Meanwhile, Asher gets some clarity from his parents on what happened in the last year, which helps Olivia and Asher to figure out their own stuff, too.[2]


The James family and Darnell are at a cemetery burying Corey. The news is really hard for Spencer. Grace tells him that he has a huge possibility of making the Top 300 list. Due to recent events, that list is the furthest thing from his mind. So after encouragement from Layla he tries to push away his pain, but it doesn't do much because he's too hurt. Even after getting his championship ring, he's still unhappy. So he decides to quit football. Although him and his family welcome Darnell to the family as he's moving in with them.

Coop is still trying to convince Preach about helping her get her music out in the open at the cafe. Layla also tells Patience that her dad loved her singing voice, so Patience assumes Coop forgot to tell her. Preach has his members put up posters for Coop's show. He tells Coop to bring Patience but Coop gets a little mad saying that she's trying to her name out there by herself.

Before the show Coop is very nervous and Patience walks up to her. She says that she's nervous as well because she's never performed at a professional studio before. Coop then tells her that she's planning on rapping the original version of her rap as she's trying to get her name out solo which starts to make Patience suspicious. She tells her that she knows that J.P. told her that he liked Patience's voice, and she assumed Coop forgot to tell her but now she's getting the feeling that Coop just didn't her working with him. So Coop gets mad saying that singing is just her hobby not her dream. So Patience leaves letting Coop fulfill her dream without her. Before Coop performs she apologizes to Patience on stage and asks her to perform with her. They both perform the song "Not My Style". The following night Coop leaves a store but is surprised by Tyrone.

Jordan is still getting ready to be a father. He is getting an entire room together and putting a crib in. Simone appreciates the gesture but reveals to him that the baby isn't his. He is furious but Olivia tells him that she still needs help so he offers to be by the baby's side.



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Title Artist Scene
"Stay" Hunnah Corey's funeral.
"What I Been Through" Terrell Burt, Owen Chaim Spencer and Layla join Coop and Patience at the cafe; Coop asks Preach to listen to her new songs; Layla tells Patience that her father loved her voice on Coop's song.
"Stretch" Chelsea J Olivia meets Gwen for coffee to discuss how she can get back in Asher's life.
"Stack Em Up" Jo Stunnah Spencer and Coop find Preach putting up posters for her show.
"On Top" (feat. Kidd Marley) Classik Preach tells Coop he paid some people to stand in line to create interest in her performance.
"What I Wanna" Hunnit Spencer confronts Darnell about his plan to leave Crenshaw; Coop and Spencer talk about the fake line, then he encourages her to fix things with Patience.
"You Don't Ask" Bre-Z and Chelsea Tavares Coop performs her song with Patience.
"After the Landslide" Matt Simons Spencer watches stoically as his teammates are presented with the championship rings and congratulated by their fathers, then thanks Billy and cleans out his locker.
"Fire Away" John Isaac Charles Coggins The Spencer family presents Darnell with a congratulations cake, then invite him to live with them.
"Underground" Hallway Swimmers Jordan meets with Simone and says he wants to be there for her baby.
"Try to Remember" Sport Ivory Olivia and Asher kiss in the fountain; Spencer stands at Corey's grave and talks about his decision to quit football; Billy tells Spencer he'll support his decision.