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"Legacy" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of All American. It premiered on February 27, 2019.


UNDER PRESSURE – With playoffs and mid-terms looming, Spencer makes a few shocking discoveries about his father. Coop desperately wants to bring down her enemies, while Jordan makes a connection with his grandfather.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Akono Dixon as Andre
  • Antwon D. Jones as Jamal
  • Amelia Morck as Gina
  • Babs Brit as Paul
  • Demetrius Butler as Barry



Title Artist Scene
"Be Gully" OHNO Coop tells Tyrone that she wants Shawn's spot in the gang.
"Ride Wit' Me" Knight Ryder & Jermain Brown Coop goes to a laundromat to do a pick-up for Tyrone.
"Brass" Dizzy Spells Layla lists off the meager contents of her fridge, then she and Spencer discuss their personal essays; Grace leaves class.
"Party on Pico" Yelohill & Mann Coop continues to sow seeds of discord among Tyrone's crew.
"Someone Else" The Sweaters Spencer tells Asher about seeing his mom with Micah; Spencer apologizes to Layla for pressuring her to let him read her essay.
"Train to Win" Slick Danger, Giorgio Falconi, Marshall Say & Maxwell Speed Jordan works out as his grandpa supervises.
"How We Go Boom" Durty Bomb Beverly High plays Logan.
"The Crowd Goes Wild" Gizzle Beverly Hills scores in the last few seconds of the game.
"lovely" Billie Eilish Billy reads Spencer's essay; Layla works on a new song; Olivia shows her mom her essay; Coop asks Ray about his time in prison, then he gives her a warning; Grace and Spencer arrive home to find Corey waiting for them.