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Laura Baker is a main character on The CW series All American. She is portrayed by Monet Mazur.

Laura is a successful attorney who has worked hard to get where she is. Fierce, strong, and resilient, she will do anything it takes for her family, which is how she justifies her career but also why she would risk it all to protect them.

She is figuring out her new place in the world as an ally and private lawyer fighting for the underdogs. Reunited with her husband, Billy, Laura navigates finding a new dream while also having to embrace major changes on the home front.

Season One

In "Pilot", it is revealed that Laura Baker is a very successful lawyer. 

In "99 Problems", Laura comes off as very loving and understanding; proving herself to be a great mother and wife. Present as The Bakers have a family meeting to air out their feelings and reach a solution. Finally, present as they have a nice loving family dinner.

In "I", with both Jordan and Spencer in tow, Laura returns to the Baker's home in Beverly Hills. Here she expresses distaste in how the boys were treated by law enforcement. She threatens to sue the department.  Her anger manifesting in the best possible way to go about receiving justice for them both.

In "All We Got", it's Spencer's birthday and Laura is keen on convincing him to have a party in Beverly Hills. Spencer's party is going smoothly until Willy appears and Billy is pissed; forcing Jordan and Olivia to finally come clean about their "investigation". Willy disapproves of Billy and Laura's relationship because Laura is white.

In "California Love", feeling sorry for Grace, Laura convinces Grace to help Billy chaperone for the night. The door to Billy's office locks with Grace and Billy inside. Laura comes to let them out. 

In "Homecoming", Coop's back is against the wall and she turns to Spencer for help. Spencer reaches out to Laura, who is an attorney, and she offers to help. Coop is interested, but she doesn't really know anything to help.


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