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Keisha McCalla is a main character in "All American: Homecoming". She is portrayed by Netta Walker.

Having grown up on campus with her dad, an administrator at the University, Keisha is the life of the party and the unofficial mayor of Bringston University — knowing everyone and everything, despite only being a freshman. She is caught between opposing forces that kill her vibe: her job as an R.A. with besties who break the rules; a major as pre-med when she’d rather pursue a career as a choreographer; and a belief in casual relationships when deep down she wants something real. But in order to have the life she wants, she’ll have to do the work on herself.


Throughout All American

Throughout All American: Homecoming

Nathaniel and Keisha meet Simone at Bringston, scolding her for being inactive in the group chat. Keisha is now the RA and has to deal with other students. That evening, Keisha gives her roommates a welcome speech. She wraps it up so they can go party, much to Nate’s glee. Simone and Nate praise Keisha for her political future, and Keisha admits she wants Damon’s hot roommate in her future. Simone is surprised that Damon lives on-campus, so Nate and Keisha tease her about her excitement. Keisha plans to call Damon and his cute roommate to hang out, so Nate reminds Keisha of her vow of celibacy after the Lisa breakup. As they playfully bicker, Thea and her friend walk in, which annoys Simone. They invite her out to part, but she plans to shower and call it a night.

Simone walks to her dorm from the shower in only a towel. She’s locked out of her dorm, and Keisha isn't answering the adjourning dorm. She grabs a blanket from the couch and then runs into Damon - literally. He remarks soulfully on it being Simone Hicks. Coming around the corner, Keisha spots them and smirks at the situation. Simone FaceTimes Jordan so they can talk about being so far away from one another. She comments on the music in the background, and he admits JJ is throwing another party. Keisha interrupts to steal Simone for a party. She greets Jordan happily when she sees him on the call with Simone. He tells Keisha not to take no for an answer. Keisha nods and ends the call then tells Simone to get ready.


They head to a bonfire where JR, the Fraternity leader of Kappa Epsilon Kappa, gives a welcome speech. He makes them repeat after him, “I am! Brilliant! I am! A leader! I am! Black excellence! We are…Bringston Lions”. Even Damon is lured into the power chant. Later, Simone is dancing with Keisha when Cam walks over, as he’s Damon’s roommate. Keisha wonders how they know each other, and Simone clarifies that he was Spencer’s biggest rival and was best friends with her ex. Keisha demands his last name, and he gracefully introduces himself as Cam Watkins. Simone proclaims it’s gross and pulls him aside to talk with him. When Simone and Damon end up in a deep conversation, Keisha intervenes to pull Simone out to dance. She invites Damon but he has to go but thinks she deserves a crazy, great night. Simone begins to drink.

Simone lays on Nate’s bed talking to her when Keisha enters. Simone invites her to sit as Nate is giving inspiration. Nate notices Keisha’s expression and asks what’s wrong. Keisha just got a call from the residential department, and there’s an issue with Simone’s campus housing. Only her tuition was paid for that semester, not her room and board. Her dorm assignment was a mistake. Simone knows it was paid as her parents paid for it. Later, Simone reveals that her mother isn’t paying for her anymore. If she insists on defying her impulsive choices that will wreck her future, she wants no part of it. Anything outside of an ivy league or Stanford is wrecking your life. Keisha wonders why her mom wouldn’t take it all away, and continue to pay her tuition but not board. Simone’s father put his foot down on that one. Keisha remarks that he stood up for something, at least. Nate answers a knock on the door to find Amara, who hugs Simons as she heard the news. She and her sister will have words about this, regardless of whether they’re estranged or not. She offers to let Simone stay with her until they figure out the dorm situation. Nate adds that she’s the Queen of navigating the financial aid department and will help Simone navigate that. Simone thanks both of them. Amara knows the days have been tough but the blessing is around the corner. Keisha adds that she might have to fight harder for it. They have a group hug, and Simone has to leave to fight harder for something important to her.

As everyone packs up Simone’s room, Damon, JR, and Cam arrive with power tools. Nate appreciates the image but wonders why they’re there. Damon admits they’re going to put up the curtain rods. Simone appreciates the sweet offer but she’s moving out so they are off the hook. Cam thanks her and gets ready to leave when Amara stops him as there is plenty of manual labor that needs to be done, and if they’re lucky, there’s a meal at the end of it. JR laughs that she had him at a meal. Damon and Simone exchange a smile.


At Amara’s house, the group sits around the table and laughs over dinner. Cam thanks Amara for the meal, and she acknowledges that any friend of Simone is welcome anytime. Nate wonders if the food will be this good so they can make it a regular thing. Simone likes that idea - a family dinner once a week. Simone thanks everyone for not only helping her move but everything else they have done for her in their short time together. She wouldn’t have made it the past few days without them. Amara knows she would as she’s resilient. Keisha adds that the same goes for Ms. P, as everyone heard rumors about them cutting back on her classes. This is news to Simone, but Amara assures everyone it’s okay. Keisha knows it’s not okay but as a people, they should be standing behind her for doing what’s right not tearing her down. Nate adds that everyone has her back - they aren’t going to let them take Amara from everyone. Amara doesn’t plan to let that happen either. She was rattled at first, but the youngins have inspired her. She plans to share her knowledge in any way that she can. She then has them help clean up the dinner.[1]

In the days that follow, Nate finishes a student's hair while Simone and Keisha watch. Simone wonders if she needs a side job since Nate is performing so well in hers. Keisha offers to hook Simone up with a work-study job using her connections.

The next morning, Keisha and Cam make out in her dorm when her alarm goes off. She tells him to leave as he can’t be there when her residents wake up. Boys aren’t allowed after or before visiting hours. While he’s offended at first, he understands as he has early morning football. She helps him sneak out and hurriedly agrees to see him whenever. That afternoon, Nate and Keisha interrupt Damon and Simone's conversation, believing they’ve taught her nothing. Simone was slammed on Yard Yack, a social media app. She turns to Damon for support but he has none, as he’s always dripped out. Keisha and Nate decide to help her.


The trio work at Amara’s house to reglam Simone. Amara comes home and remarks on not missing those days. Nate points out that Simone is a late bloomer. Keisha tells Amara she had to drop her class, but not because of the scandal. She needed more space for pre-med classes. Amara encourages her to pursue her dance dream instead of her father's dream of medicine. Keisha made a promise to her cancer-ridden mom who died that she would pursue medicine. Amara knows her mom wouldn’t hold her to it, but Keisha also doesn’t want to disappoint her father. Simone overhears and tries to get Keisha to help her get a physical sooner. Keisha becomes upset and leaves, with Nate telling Simone to learn to choose her spots.

The next day, Simone returns Kiesha’s stuff and apologizes for being selfish. Keisha admits it’s just a sensitive topic and he’s out of town so he can’t help. She’s struggling with having to give up her choreography dreams, a statement Cam overhears. They begin to flirt until Simone interjects, but they claim their relationship isn’t a “thing”. Keisha invites Simone to do her project with Damon at her dad's house, promising they will get actual schoolwork done.


At Keisha's, Simone and Damon try to focus on their presentation. He praises her for having a job interview. His pitch has been way off lately. JR arrives with the baseball team, as parties are a great place to make an impression. Keisha accepts the party while Simone is not pleased. As the party rages on, Cam plays basketball and lands hard on the driveway. Keisha intervenes and makes the other guy leave. She forces him to put ice on his neck. Keisha’s dad comes home to find her making out with Cam in the kitchen. Cam is surprised to learn her father is President Zeke Allen. Zeke is scolding Keisha when Damon bursts in with Simone. They rally around her as Zeke explains that Simone is having a panic attack. He tries to calm her breathing.

The next day, Keisha and a student, Art, check on an AWOL Cam. They find him in his bed unconscious, so she calls an ambulance. Later, Keisha knocks on Cam’s door until he lets her in. She found out from Damon that he’s back from the hospital, and he claims to be fine. She pushes for the truth so he admits he has a brain aneurysm and can’t play football anymore. She sympathizes and tries to comfort him but he lashes out as her dream is still possible but she won’t do it out of fear.

Simone celebrates making the team with her friends and learns she’s being celebrated on Yard Yack. Nate praises her for getting everything she needed. Simone sets the table and confronts Damon for not talking to the team yet, as JR wouldn’t come if Damon did. She encourages him to face his fear and handle his business. Keisha overhears the conversation. After dinner, Keisha goes home to speak with her father. His colleague at the hospital where Cam was taken praised her for passionately advocating his health needs. She had an elevated understanding of the medical care he needed. He knows she’ll make an excellent doctor and is proud, something her mom would be too. She decides not to tell him the truth.[2]

In the following days, Simone thanks Nate for letting her stay with her in the dorm. Keisha jokes about undercover arrangements going on. Nate praises her for making the tennis squad, but Simone is worried about Thea. Keisha knows it’s all about jealousy. Keisha is making gift bags for Thea as it’s her birthday soon. A girl, Wilinda, knocks on the door so Kiesha leaves. Simone feels inspired.

At lunch, Simone asks the girls if they have something planned for Thea’s birthday and they don’t. Simone sits with Nathaniel and Keisha who aren’t interested in helping. Nate tells her to let it go which Keisha agrees with, though Simone still wants to try.

When Simone and Thea arrive at the party, the room is empty except for a few male students playing video games, Keisha, and Nate. Thea knew that no one would show at her party and that’s why she didn’t want one. Simone questions Keisha and Nate about not telling her the party was a bust. Wilinda shows up to speak with Keisha and file a formal complaint against Simone and Nate. She knows Simone has been staying there with Nate, who she misgenders as male, and Nate doesn’t have the right to risk everyone’s safety by letting others shack up in their dorms and use up their resources. Simone immediately jumps to defense mode, correcting Wilinda for misgendering Nate. She confronts Melinda about her problem but Nate calls out Simone. Keisha takes Wilinda to fill out the paperwork.

Wilinda gives Keisha another written complaint. Nathaniel shows up to tell Keisha that the other dormmates have admitted that Wilinda is sneaking her boyfriend in and out of the dorms after hours. She has their signatures as witnesses, so Wilinda takes back the complaint. Nathaniel assures Wilinda they will be friends one day, promising on it, but Wilinda just leaves.

Nathaniel comes into Keisha’s room to talk with her about something serious. She appreciates her looking out for her but doesn’t need her going back her back to fight her battles. She knows about the room situation. She thought the university was being inclusive but it was really Keisha making it all happen so she wouldn’t have to endure bigotry. Keisha just wanted her to feel safe and comfortable, which Nathaniel knows and appreciates. But in the real world, she won’t always have her Keisha shield. Se needs to fight these battles now so she can create a place for herself. She needs to be prepared. Keisha apologizes and hears her, promising no more Keisha’s shield until she needs to beat someone up for her. Keisha attends Amara's for family dinner and Thea admits she wants to try pole dancing, so Keisha has the perfect cap for the night. She, Thea, Nathaniel, and Simone head to a pole dancing studio.[3]


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