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"Keep Ya Head Up" is the ninth episode of the first season of All American. It premiered on January 16, 2019.


ONE OF THE LUCKY ONESSpencer should be on top of the world -- his football team is headed to the playoffs and he can finally be with Layla -- but he can't shake a major tragedy that occured causing him to question everything. Meanwhile, Coop learns some disturbing information about a friend and Jordan is worried about the results of a drug test that could end his football career for good.[2]


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Guest Starring

  • Jay Reeves as Shawn Scott
  • Demtrius Shipp, Jr. as Tyrone Morris
  • Michelle Hayden as Ripley
  • Antoine Harris as Juice
  • Bernadette Speakes as Ruth Scott
  • Chris Conner as Gordon Bauer


  • Chelsea Royce Tavares as Patience
  • Daryl C. Brown as Pastor Weeks
  • Jefferson Reid as Brandon Scott
  • Michael Wayne Williams as Young Spencer
  • Kendall Joy Hall as Young Coop
  • Christopher Farrar as Young Shawn



Title Artist Scene
"Hold On" Animal Fiction Football practice.
"You Gotta Go" Haydee Layla tracks down Asher to encourage him to stop partying and get back to school.
"Let's Get Together" Extreme Music Layla and Spencer discuss the negative news article written about him, then she urges him to go to the awards ceremony.
"River" Chelsea Tavares Patience sings at Shawn's funeral; Tyrone tells Spencer that Shawn warned everyone else from going after him, because he knew Spencer would make something of himself.
"How This Ends" Tom Bromley Asher stops by the cafe to bring Layla a bouquet of flowers and declare his love, but she tells him she's with Spencer now.
"River" Leon Bridges Flashback to Spencer talking to Shawn at his brother's grave, trying to convince him not to retaliate; Spencer visits Shawn's grave.