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JJ Parker is the life of every Beverly High party and a linebacker of the Eagles. He is a star both on and off the field, and friend to all. He’s the life of the party and always ready to make sure his friends are living their best lives while he figures out the best way to authentically live his. He is portrayed by Hunter Clowdus.


He is very grounded, consistent, and genuine. Even though his antics may be mischievous at times, he has no ill will. He’s a "good vibes only" kind of guy, who treats his friends like family.


In "Canceled", JJ is still thinking that he and Vanessa are a thing, but she came over to talk to Asher.

In "Put Up Or Shut Up", JJ has some trouble talking to Vanessa Montes. Asher tells him to not try so hard, but JJ wants Asher to put in a good word with Vanessa for him. He wants Asher to tell her that he's more than a "super popular homecoming king". He really likes her and wants her to see him as a good guy.


  • He can handle 92 wings in one sitting.[1]