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"Hussle & Motivate" is the first episode of second season of All AmericanIt premiered on October 7, 2019.


SEASON PREMIERE – After winning the state championship, Spencer James faces a difficult decision that could transform his reputation. Billy realizes he needs to make some major changes to get his life back on track, while Grace and Corey have a tough conversation regarding their family.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Raigan Harris as Jasmine
  • Antwon D. Jones as Jamal
  • Anthony D. Washington as Ricky the Bartender




Title Artist Scene
"Blue Laces 2" Nipsey Hussle An artist paints a mural on the side of the grocery store; Spencer asks Coop if she's done with the gang stuff.
"Get Yourself Together" Raphael Lake, Ben Fisher & Royal Baggs Grace arrives to pick Billy from a bar and tells him she can't keep helping him.
"Spiderman" Manus Jordan picks up Spencer and drives them to school.
"Get the Job Done" Huxley Ware & SHIPS Football practice.
"Change (If We Try)" [feat. Abbey Smith] Camm Coop advises Spencer to reconsider his decision to leave Beverly Hills; Patience warns Coop it's not a good idea for her to be at the Nipsey memorial.
"Hush Hush" Bussamove & Buddha As she and Patience walk home, Coop is confronted by a bunch of gang members over being a snitch.
"Your Type" Nick Kingsley & Hannah Hart Corey joins Billy at the bar; Billy declares he won't fight him on which school Spencer decides to play for.
"Hard Place" H.E.R. Spencer moves back into the Baker household and has dinner with Laura, Jordan and Olivia.
"Waves" Dean Lewis Spencer texts his dad to say he's chosen to stay at Beverly Hills High; Corey greets his son.