Harold Adams


Harold Adams is the father of Asher Adams. He is portrayed by Casper Van Dien.

Harold is shown to be very harsh on Asher, and although he does care about him, he doesn't always show it in the best way.


In "99 Problems", Harold is present at the party. He can be seen talking to his son, asking if Spencer was the one who caused his injury. He attempted to talk to Spencer, but he was pulled away by Layla before Harold got the chance. Harold later confronts Billy at the open bar, saying that Billy was getting comfortable with losing after two losing seasons and another one along the way. Harold reveals that Jordan was behind Spencer's contested permit and says that Spencer does not belong at Beverly Hills High School. He is pulled away by his son before he could get into a physical altercation with Spencer.

When his son Asher Adams embarrasses himself and his ex-girlfriend Layla at the Homecoming dance by letting the whole of Beverly High know he cheated on her with her best friend Olivia in a speech, Billy benches him for the next game. Asher is benched for being drunk and drinking on school property and he begs Billy to give him one chance as the next game would have scouts present for college. Billy refuses and reminds him that actions have consequences. Harold takes matters into his own hands by trying to bully and threaten Billy into putting Asher back on the team but Billy stands his ground. At the game, Jordan figures out that Asher had given away their teams game to their opponents and he is kicked off the team by Billy.

After Harold finds out that football is no longer in Asher's future, he tells him to go live with his mother - Asher reminds him that his mum doesn't want anything to do with him - Harold tells Asher that it's his issue now.

Harold is broke, living in a pool house with very little to his name, which is why his wife left him. He is powerless without his influence and is not used to being told no by those he deems below him.


Harold is athletic looking, in clean cut office attire that is usually branded and has a short hair cut.

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