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Dillon James is a main character on The CW series All American. He is portrayed by Jalyn Hall.

Dillon is Spencer James' younger brother.

Season One

In "Pilot", like his mother, Grace, Dillon is understanding and supportive of Spencer's choice by default. However, it's very clear that he's genuinely happy with Spencer following his dreams.

In '"99 Problems", Dylan shows Spencer a comic book that Shawn bought him. Agitated, Spencer heads out to confront Shawn, which leads to a scuffle.

In "I", Jordan washes dishes while Grace prepares food for the evening's cookout. Spencer's family is all open arms and invites Jordan to stay for the gathering.

In "Lose Yourself",

In "All We Got", it's Spencer's birthday but he's not even excited -- everyone else is. Present at Spencer's birthday party in Beverly Hills.

In "The Choice Is Yours",

In "California Love",

In "Homecoming", he's seen at the kitchen table as his mother, Grace, comforts both Spencer and Coop in regards to Shawn's death.


Season One

Season Two