Corey James was a recurring character in the first season and second season of All American. He is the biological father of Spencer James and ex-husband of Grace James.

It is now known he is the biological father of Dillon James. At the beginning of season to he becomes more involved in his son's life and even asked Spencer to come play with him at South Crenshaw. After establishing a solid relationship with his family he leaves unannounced leaving the whole family confused. Later, after being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in Season 2, he passed away at the lodge after finding out he is the true father of Dillon and spending the day with his family.


Corey James is a nice and responsible character with many secrets.


Immediately after his passing, the James' brothers and Darnell Hayes, while standing over his tombstone, make a pact to be closer than ever before because that's what Corey planned to the fateful morning of his passing.

Corey's passing inadvertently caused Spencer to quit football. Later, he reveals it's because football makes him think of Corey and it's too hurtful for Spencer. However, after he resolves to play football again in memory of his old man.

In Season 3, Corey is mentioned by those he was closest to. His influence is still so strong after his death that Spencer nearly left his cabin moments after getting there.

Physical Appearance

Corey James is a black man with a black beard and a big afro.







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