"Coming Home"is the seventh episode of second season of All American. It premiered on November 25, 2019.


The James family make a journey to find Corey, and the journey results in many poignant moments. Meanwhile, the Baker family tries to resolve their inner feelings while attending family therapy.


After discovering that Corey is going to die, The James family, along with Darnell travel to a cabin to find him. There they make many discoveries about the past and how they'll move forward. Meanwhile the Baker family tries to rebuild themselves by attending family therapy. Laura is, understandably, not exactly open to the idea, but she's toughs it out. Billy and Grace tell their respective partners about the details of their affair. After hearing the Baker twins talk about their life growing up and how they'll always be apart of each other, Laura hears Billy out saying that she's mature enough to do that. Billy apologizes to Laura and says that he'll do anything to make things right between them, and she believes him.



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