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"Coming Home"is the seventh episode of second season of All American. It premiered on November 25, 2019.


UNCONVENTIONAL METHODS – With Spencer, Grace, Dillon and Darnell reeling from the news about why Corey may have left, they set out on a mission to find him. After locating Corey and trying to convince him to go home with them, the weekend turns out to be just what everyone needed. In an effort to keep fighting for the family to be whole again, Billy arranges for the family to meet with a family therapist and possibly help decide on the next step for them. During the session, the therapist gives Jordan and Olivia a separate assignment, which helps them learn more about each other than either knew.[2]


After discovering that Corey is sick and could possibly die, the James family, along with Darnell, travel to a cabin to find him. There they make many discoveries about the past and how they'll move forward. Spencer is having a hard time reconciling that Corey will be leaving him for good this time, so Darnell gives him advice to tell him how he really feels. So Spencer goes to Corey and finally lets out what he was holding in by calling him out on always leaving when things get tough and says that he’s angry that now he’s gonna for good.

Meanwhile the Baker family tries to rebuild themselves by attending family therapy. Laura is, understandably, not exactly open to the idea, but she's toughs it out. Although she does have a hard time picturing their happy moments when she realizes that he’s always putting football before them, and constantly calls him out for cheating and being the reason they’re doing this.

Billy and Grace tell their respective partners about the details of their affair. They both explain why it happened and what they going through at the time. Grace was depressed about Corey always being out and she felt like she wasn’t enough for him to come back to. Billy was depressed as well because he had just injured his knee and Laura told him to stop playing football for good. Because the two of them were so low and at a really dark place mentally they did it and never spoke of it again after the fact. Laura, who is even more heartbroken after learning the details, leaves and goes upstairs.

At the cabin Grace is crying outside. Spencer comes and asks her what's wrong, and she says she's crying because she feels like everything is her fault since she and Billy made a big mistake that ruined everything in both of their lives, and now Spencer and Dillon have to grow up without a father again. But Spencer reassures her that they'll be okay because she made them who they are from the moment Corey left.

The therapist tells Billy that for him the affair happened 9 years ago but for Laura it feels like it happened yesterday. Billy says he wishes he knew how to make Laura see how much she means to him. When the therapist asks him to pretend Laura's right in front of him he says it's hard to pour out his emotions to an empty chair. So Laura tells him to tell her. After hearing the Baker twins talk about their life growing up and how they'll always be apart of each other, Laura hears Billy out saying that if her children are mature enough to do that then she is as well. Billy apologizes to Laura and says that he'll do anything to make things right between them, and she believes him. That night Billy shows her a book that he made with every note Laura left him when they were younger. This helps Laura realize that Billy has always loved her and she kisses him.

Back at the cabin Corey takes Spencer fishing for the first time, and Spencer tells him that he should come home because he has a family. Corey is very touched on how he shows his vulnerability, as he wasn't taught to do that. So he hugs Spencer and calls it a night.

The next day Grace and Corey are enjoying the view, and Corey gives Grace the deed to the cabin for Spencer and Dillon for when they grow up, and Grace gives Corey the paternity test results which say Dillon is Corey's son.

The family is all packed and ready to hit the road, but the happiness is short-lived because Corey dies before they leave.



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Title Artist Scene
"You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby" IDER The James family packs to go after Cory; the Bakers get dressed up for family therapy.
"Never Give Up" The Kid The James family and Darnell arrive at Cory's cabin.
"As We Are" Pembroke Spencer asks Darnell what it was like growing up with Cory, then Darnell comments on how similar Spencer is to Cory.
"Happy Days" Otis Kane Darnell and the Jame family tosses around a football.
"Carry Me Home" sød ven Billy apologizes to Laura for hurting her and damaging their relationship.
"Hold On To Happiness" Rhys Lewis Spencer pleads with Corey to come home; Cory asks Spencer to teach Dillon that there's strength in vulnerability.
"Us" James Bay Spencer, Dillon and Darnell have a food fight; Darnell and the James family pack up to leave.