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Asher Adams is a main character on The CW series All American. He is portrayed by Cody Christian.

Asher is Beverly High's wide receiver. He's all talk, but also all the walk. He works hard for what he has and even harder for what he wants, so when Spencer shows up and threatens to take more than just catches from him, Asher attempts to sabotage him to keep his spot.

He is a young man whose past choices have affected his future more than he knows. After a life altering revelation that he can no longer play football, Asher is determined to put his mistakes behind him and find a new path going forward. However, it’s harder to let go of football than he ever thought it could be.

Season One

In "Pilot", Jordan introduces Spencer to the group including Layla and Asher, who plays the same position and isn't too happy about Spencer joining the team. He says something rude and Spencer walks away.

Jordan brings Spencer to the Baker house, and Spencer takes notice of how amazing the house is. Jordan reveals that his mother, Laura, is an attorney. While they're hanging out, Jordan overhears his dad on the phone. Billy wouldn't have recruited Spencer if anyone on his team had half his potential. This visibly upsets Jordan who tells Asher they need to get rid of Spencer.

Together, Jordan and Asher develop a plan and get Spencer to come to a party that night and take shots. Spencer's worried since they have practice the next day but they assure him it's just drills. Jordan and Asher pour their drinks out, but Spencer gets pretty drunk, and it shows the next day.

At practice, Spencer quickly learns it's scrimmage day, and he was tricked. He gets angry and starts to fight, but Coach breaks it up.

In "99 Problems", Asher is still jealous of Spencer. Asher is very passive aggressive and it can be annoying at times. Spencer overshadows him because he is very confident in who he is and what he wants, which is a quality Asher lacks. Also, Asher secretly meets with Olivia in his car and they reveal that they slept together a while back when Olivia was on drugs. Asher knows that Layla and Spencer's relationship is continuously growing, but doesn't know how to end it.

During football practice, Spencer causes Asher to sprain his ankle so Coach Baker takes Asher out of the upcoming game. During the Booster Party, Asher's father, Mr. Adams, is sizing up Spencer and he's pissed that his son can't play due to his sprained ankle. Mr. Adams tries to stick subtle jabs but his anger takes over and he creates a whole scene in the middle of the party. He drops the bomb about Spencer's residency.

In "I", Asher still sees Spencer as a threat; blaming Spencer for losing the game. After Asher and company make their distaste for Spencer very clear, racial tension rises in the hallway of Beverly High. Meanwhile, Asher insists on keeping his secret hidden, because he is fully aware of the threat of losing Layla, his reputation and even Olivia.

Present at the ruthless game between Beverly Hills High and Crenshaw.

In "Lose Yourself", Asher throws one of his infamous parties, which are known for wild escapades. A gambling game leads to an abrupt end when Asher loses his dad's Porsche to one of his teammates, JJ, who then crashes it. Asher is desperate for a solution until Spencer offers to help. Asher is broke: the house isn't is, and neither is the car. The car is returned to its home back in Beverly Hills. Spencer advises Asher to tell Layla about his financial problems.

In "All We Got", Asher is still lying about having money. It's making Layla frustrated.

In "The Choice Is Yours", during an impressive game against Culver City, Jordan isn't the best protection for Asher. This creates tension between the two. In the locker room, everyone is excited -- except Asher, who confronts Jordan -- but he tells Asher to stop whining.

After the game, JP, Chynna, Layla, and Asher are having dinner. JP is not impressed with Asher. Layla becomes annoyed with Asher when he starts talking about his father taking him in a private jet to go snorkeling. She leaves the table just when Spencer comes around to serve their food. She encourages Asher to be himself, but he's over it.

Coach tries to mend Asher and Jordan's friendship by taking them to Malibu's practice game. Here, Asher and Jordan are still at odds; resulting in a physical altercation. Jordan spills the beans about Olivia to Asher who is apologetic but Jordan is trying not to hear him. He believes Asher took advantage of Olivia. Coach makes Jordan and Asher walk home together; as they're walking, Asher opens up about his financial issues and apologizes for sleeping with Olivia, he recognizes that it was a mistake. Jordan forgives him and apologizes.

In "California Love", after Layla comes clean about her kiss with Spencer, Asher forgives her. Later, at the homecoming dance, Layla dumps Asher. Asher's ego is very fragile. He gets drunk and airs everything out on stage in front of the whole school. The secret is out, now Layla knows Olivia and Asher slept together.

Coach Baker finds out about Asher's drinking and suspends him from the team.

After the dance, Olivia comforts Asher.

In "Homecoming", Asher has been suspended for the next two games. Asher's father, Harold Adams, pays Billy a visit. Harold wants Asher on the field by any means necessary, but that goes against Billy's moral and ethics as he tries to teach the boys how to be "decent human beings." Harold doesn't care. Football is the only reason Harold wants to be in Asher's life and he makes that apparent when he kicks him out and tells him to "figure it out" with his mother.

Jordan finds Asher in the restaurant while he's on a date with Ripley. He confronts Asher about the homecoming fiasco. Asher feels guilty and embarrassed, but Jordan suggests making things right.

Asher, in the stands, watches as Jordan shines without him, even scoring the winning touchdown. Jordan confronts Asher, knowing that he gave their plays to the Malibu team.


Season One

Season Two