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Amara Patterson is a main character in "All American: Homecoming". She is portrayed by Kelly Jenrette.

A successful journalist-turned-journalism professor, Amara is Simone’s aunt and the most popular professor on campus. She welcomes her niece’s crew as family. Amara is unapologetic in her desire to report the truth, which puts her at odds with the administration. But when they appear to come after her personally for blowing the whistle on their former baseball scandal, she stumbles upon a new story that could change Bringston University forever.


Throughout All American

Throughout All American: Homecoming

Amara stops Zeke to confront him over her lighter course curriculum not making sense. She wants the truth. He admits there are trustees and parents - parents of boys suspended for taking paper courses - putting pressure on him to let her go. She wasn’t responsible for the scandal - she just brought it to light and protected the institution. Zeke reveals some people aren’t happy with how that message came out. Her whistleblower title brings a lot of crap, and even though his feelings of not blaming her don’t matter, he warns her to keep a low profile. Lowering her course load is the best he could do to help protect her low profile.

Simone is practicing when Amara stops by to apologize for missing her move-in. To celebrate Simone's move, Amara gives her a gift basket. The basket includes condoms. Amara picks up that Simone is homesick, so Simone opens up about her struggles. Amara knows Simone will find her footing and her people. With time, Bringston will start to feel like her home.

Amara visits Marcus in his office to apologize for exposing Coach Shaw’s cheating. Amara didn’t expect so many of her people to turn on her, and realizes now that her future isn’t the only one affected. Marcus's dream job is overshadowed by the scandal that Amara outed. He tells her not to apologize. Their meeting is interrupted by Damon. She leaves so they can talk.

That next night, Simone reveals that her mother isn’t paying for her anymore. If she insists on defying her impulsive choices that will wreck her future, she wants no part of it. Anything outside of an ivy league or Stanford is wrecking your life. Keisha wonders why her mom wouldn’t take it all away, and continue to pay her tuition but not board. Simone’s father put his foot down on that one. Keisha remarks that he stood up for something, at least. Nate answers a knock on the door to find Amara, who hugs Simons as she heard the news. She and her sister will have words about this, regardless of whether they’re estranged or not. She offers to let Simone stay with her until they figure out the dorm situation. Nate adds that she’s the Queen of navigating the financial aid department and will help Simone navigate that. Simone thanks both of them. Amara knows the days have been tough but the blessing is around the corner. Keisha adds that she might have to fight harder for it. They have a group hug, and Simone has to leave to fight harder for something important to her.

As everyone packs up Simone’s room, Damon, JR, and Cam arrive with power tools. Nate appreciates the image but wonders why they’re there. Damon admits they’re going to put up the curtain rods. Simone appreciates the sweet offer but she’s moving out so they are off the hook. Cam thanks her and gets ready to leave when Amara stops him as there is plenty of manual labor that needs to be done, and if they’re lucky, there’s a meal at the end of it. JR laughs that she had him at a meal. Damon and Simone exchange a smile.

At Amara’s house, the group sits around the table and laughs over dinner. Cam thanks Amara for the meal, and she acknowledges that any friend of Simone is welcome anytime. Nate wonders if the food will be this good so they can make it a regular thing. Simone likes that idea - a family dinner once a week. Simone thanks everyone for not only helping her move but everything else they have done for her in their short time together. She wouldn’t have made it the past few days without them. Amara knows she would as she’s resilient. Keisha adds that the same goes for Ms. P, as everyone heard rumors about them cutting back on her classes. This is news to Simone, but Amara assures everyone it’s okay. Keisha knows it’s not okay but as a people, they should be standing behind her for doing what’s right not tearing her down. Nate adds that everyone has her back - they aren’t going to let them take Amara from everyone. Amara doesn’t plan to let that happen either. She was rattled at first, but the youngins have inspired her. She plans to share her knowledge in any way that she can. She then has them help clean up the dinner.[1]

The day after classes begin, Simone, Nathaniel Hardin, and Keisha McCalla work at Amara’s house to reglam Simone. Amara comes home and remarks on not missing those days. Nate points out that Simone is a late bloomer. Keisha tells Amara she had to drop her class, but not because of the scandal. She needed more space for pre-med classes. Amara encourages her to pursue her dance dream instead of her father's dream of medicine. Keisha made a promise to her cancer-ridden mom who died that she would pursue medicine. Amara knows her mom wouldn’t hold her to it, but Keisha also doesn’t want to disappoint her father. Simone overhears and tries to get Keisha to help her get a physical sooner. Keisha becomes upset and leaves, with Nate telling Simone to learn to choose her spots.

The next day, Marcus talks to Amara to check on her, but she's fine. It takes more than that to faze her. Written on her class door is the word “Traitor” in black spray paint. She stops Marcus from calling campus security as she can handle this. Words don’t faze her. She goes into class and Marcus angrily walks off. That night, Amara learns that Simone had a panic attack. Once back at her house, Zeke assures Simone she’s okay and to rest. Amara thanks him for bringing her own. He assures her that campus security is looking into the tag on her door and is here for her if she needs him. She has the support she needs and knows he can’t be a good cop and a bad cop. Once he’s gone, Simone apologizes to Amara for worrying her. Amara understands that it takes time to manage everything. One of the benefits of being at HBCU is being able to point at examples of black excellence to see what’s possible.

Amara meets with Marcus in his office the next night. He admits he was the anonymous source that helped break the scandal. He knew she would do the right thing and should have told her sooner. It’s unfair that she suffers alone and wants to go public with his support. She refuses to let it happen as she can’t destroy what he’s building. He has the beginnings of something, and his team would lose their trust in him if they ever found out. She won’t let him torpedo himself or the team's lives. She doesn’t regret what she did and will give a fight if needed. She has herself handled.[2]

In class, Nate asks questions to Ralph Wells, an author. He learned everything he knows from Amara’s class. Everyone claps at the end of class. Amara praises Ralph for being great now and he offers to grab lunch, but she doesn’t have time. Ralph offers dinner instead to help her grade papers. She offers to cook and that night, Amara and Ralph laugh and talk over food. He offers her a job if she wants it.

The next day, Marcus tells Amara about the sponsorships and his worries. She thinks it’s an opportunity for the athletes to be compensated for their work. He worries about what will happen when some players get endorsements and others don’t. She tells him to keep an open mind. She tells him about her journalist position offer at the Atlanta Daily News. She would give up Bringston and considering everything, she’s thinking of leaving. They postponed her tenure hearing and they both know it’s more fallout for her being a whistleblower. She won’t’ stay if they mess with her tenure. He wants her to stay. They are interrupted by Simone, so Marcus leaves. Simone asks if they used to date as they had vibes, but Amara tells her to stay out of folks’ business. After bugging her more, Amara admits she and Marcus used to date but they had deep personal differences that couldn’t be put aside.

At their weekly family dinner, Marcus tells Amara that the tenures are postponed for everyone, but she knows the university would only do that if they were in more trouble financially than previously believed. Simone arrives with Thea, so Amara takes a moment alone to call Ralph and admit she’s going to stay at Bringston. She does have a potential story. As they prepare for dinner, Marcus, Damon, and Amara get along splendidly and laugh together. Simone and JR secretly wonder if Damon is the biological child of Amara and Marcus, as they did break up under ominous circumstances. JR still thinks Damon is his biological brother and doesn't support Simone's theory.[3]


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