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"All We Got" is the fifth episode of the first season of All American. It premiered on November 14, 2018.


WORLDS COLLIDE - Spencer's worlds come together to celebrate his birthday in Beverly Hills. But mixing the dysfunctional families - with the dash of an unexpected guest - ends in disaster. Olivia and Jordan, on a mission to uncover a family secret, discover a missing link to their father's past. Meanwhile, Coop and Patience struggle to define their blossoming romance.[2]


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Title Artist Scene
"Happy Birthday" Cast Spencer receives a call from his mom, then she and Dylan sing 'Happy Birthday' to him.
"You" Naomi August Olivia acts awkwardly when she runs into Spencer in the hall.
"Heart Emoji" Hunnit Grace receives a call from Laura about a get together for Spencer.
"Feeling Alive" Earl St. Clair Coop and Dylan present Spencer with a birthday cake.
"Higher" Lanita Smith Patience asks Coop why she never wants to go out.
"Hurry Hurry" Tom Hillock, David Krutten & Jennifer Jordan Olivia stops by the cafe to apologize to Spencer, then he tells her about skipping the game where his dad is playing.
"Broken Promises" Noah Lifschey Olivia and Jordan drive out to investigate the Crenshaw address where their dad is sending money.
"That Good Vibe" Kil the Giant The James family and Coop arrives at the Baker residence; Olivia encourages Coop to check out the backyard.
"Never Get Enough" Outasight Jordan and Olivia argue over whether Spencer is their brother; Asher's buddies tease him about the Porsche being wrecked and ask how he got it fixed; Spencer asks Coop why she didn't bring Patience to the party.
"Traveler's Hymn" Sport Ivory Coop confesses to Patience about going to Spencer's party and why she lied; Billy tells Spencer he can't always do it on his own and he hopes Spencer chooses to be part of his family.
"Pray" Renée Zellweger & Sam Smith Patience and Coop walk down the street hand-in-hand; Spencer tells his mom that he's giving up on the idea of getting to know his father; Layla's father introduces her to a new woman; Billy drops by Willie's house and tells him that if he can't accept Laura, he can't be part of their lives, then Willie brings up Grace's history with Billy and Corey James.