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! This article is about the episode. For the show, see All American: Homecoming.

"All American: Homecoming" is seventeenth episode of the third season of All American. It first aired on July 5, 2021 to 0.64 million viewers. It is a backdoor pilot to the Simone-centered spinoff, All American: Homecoming.


MORE TO THE STORY - Ready to get out of town for a few days, Spencer, Olivia, Jordan and Simone decide to visit Simone's aunt's Amara's at her HBCU in Atlanta where she is a journalism professor. The group is relishing in campus life, but it also is giving Simone and Olivia a different perspective they weren't expecting. While enjoying herself, Simone has a run in with a star baseball athlete named Damon, who she learns has his own reasons for being on campus. Meanwhile, Amara is on to a big story involving her college and takes a risk that could make her unpopular.[3]



Guest Starring


  • Ebenezer Alasi as Dayo
  • Ungela Brockman as President's Assistant
  • Ellis Fowler as Athelston
  • Loren Maxine as Becca
  • Cole Meyer as Erik
  • Rhoyle Ivy King as Nathaniel
  • Derek Rivera as Santiago Reyes



Title Artist Scene
"Just Watch" Aleks James
"Stunt Flex" TRE WRIGHT
"Family Over Everything" Bre-Z & Chelsea Tavaras
"Again" (ft. Marie Lang) Hutley
"Delicate Piano Song" APM
"Basement Jazz Quartet" APM
"Wait A Minute" APM
"Can't Touch the Ground" APM
"Just Keeping Super Chill" APM
"My Days" Extreme Music
"Gallant Minuet" APM
"String Quartet Op 1 #6 Adagio" APM
"I Do" Aloe Blacc
"Nothing But You" Oh Wonder
"My Love" (ft. Shey Skeedy) Made/Extreme Music