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! This article is about the episode. For the show, see All American: Homecoming.

"All American: Homecoming" is seventeenth episode of the third season of All American. It first aired on July 5, 2021 to 0.64 million viewers. It is a backdoor pilot to the Simone-centered spinoff, All American: Homecoming.


MORE TO THE STORY - Ready to get out of town for a few days, Spencer, Olivia, Jordan and Simone decide to visit Simone's aunt's Amara's at her HBCU in Atlanta where she is a journalism professor. The group is relishing in campus life, but it also is giving Simone and Olivia a different perspective they weren't expecting. While enjoying herself, Simone has a run in with a star baseball athlete named Damon, who she learns has his own reasons for being on campus. Meanwhile, Amara is on to a big story involving her college and takes a risk that could make her unpopular.[3]



Guest Starring


  • Ebenezer Alasi as Dayo
  • Ungela Brockman as President's Assistant
  • Ellis Fowler as Athelston
  • Loren Maxine as Becca
  • Cole Meyer as Erik
  • Rhoyle Ivy King as Nathaniel
  • Derek Rivera as Santiago Reyes



Title Artist Scene
"Golden Swagger" APM
"Have Mercy" Cordae Cordae performs at Homecoming at Bringston.
"Great Day" B3autiful Cr3atures ft. LG Tour of Bringston.
"Wobble" V.I.C Keisha gets Olivia to go with her and join a group of students dancing.
"Dream Big" Easy McCoy ft. City Wolf Damon pitches and Simone warms up Thea.
"Be Alone" Jay Gas Everyone’s at dinner.
"Work" Amber Smith
"Oooh She Bad" Kali J
"Partition" Beyoncé Simone and Olivia dance at the fashion show.
"You Fabulous" Lex Allen
"The Finish" X.ile
"Wake Up The Party" APM Spencer asks Olivia to dance with him while Keisha wasn’t around them.
"Better Than Today" Rhys Lewis Damon Sims and Simone Hicks have a conversation about their future.